Turnaround Consulting

Our typical client is a business or the owners of a business who perceive themselves to be in financial crisis.  If the business is still in operation, we initially determine whether the business problem can be solved and the financial crisis abated. A typical analysis includes:
1) How to return to profitability
2) Whether the potential profit is sufficient relative to the depth of the problem
3) A plan of action to get through the transition.

Assuming a workable plan is possible, we then focus on cash flow.  This includes finding sources of financing, and putting together an information package to present to lenders and creditors to help support and provide time to execute the plan.

In addition to developing and executing the turnaround plan, we identify potential improvements to the business to facilitate operations and support the plan. This includes introducing key models, operating principles, and associated measures to promote improvements in profitability, reductions in operating expenses, and control of inventory, working capital, and capital expenditures.

In a comprehensive turnaround scenario, we work with the client's officers, financial team, and accountants.  In appropriate situations, we have also been engaged to provide an on-site executive and/or financial management consultant during the restructuring and turnaround process, who can provide weekly, or even daily, operational support.

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